Go Kart Starter Package

Go Kart Starter Package

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This starter package is our most popular! It includes a full face helmet, an extra set of tires (Duro for 5″ and Landspeed for 6″), a spare clutch, and an extra pull starter. If all of these parts were purchased seperately, they would cost $275. If you purchase this package with a kart and have them shipped at the same time, you will receive free shipping on the starter package! 

We at Road Rat Motors have been involved in the kart racing community since 2004. We are the manufacturer and distributor of Road Rat Racing go karts, which can also be found on this website. We are proud to offer the most affordable kart package in the country. By offering such a low priced package, it is our goal to bring new faces into this great sport of kart racing!

Over the last few years we have been getting a lot of requests to set up a page to purchase our kart parts online, since our prices are so much lower than the competition. We are proud to now offer this section, with the most popular racing go kart parts that we sell. Should you have any requests for other kart parts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please be patient with us as we set up this new section. We would like to thank the entire racing community for your continued support of our karts, and we are pleased to now offer these affordable racing go kart parts online!

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