Road Rat 6.5hp Cadet Racer XC Go Kart

Road Rat 6.5hp Cadet Racer XC Go Kart

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The Road Rat Cadet Racing is basically a downsized version of their XR model, with the Cadet Racer XC being specifically designed for kids. This kart is a bit bigger than their Kids Racer, providing a great choice for kids age 8-12. With the four stroke 6.5hp engine, this kart is perfect for racing and it will reach a top speed of 40mph. It provides an exciting ride for kids with foot controls, a racing style steering wheel, and a great black and silver frame. Including bumpers and bodywork, the Cadet Racer XC is 68″ long by 53″ wide. Several improvements on the XC models have also been added, including a better chain guard, improved tires and rims, extended rear bumper, redesigned frame, and an improved overall body design.Our new, redesigned XC go karts have the following improvements over the older models:

  • Extended rear bumper adds protection for aftermarket exhausts
  • Anodized aluminum parts are color coordinated with the bodywork
  • Redesigned Frame to allow larger sprockets to be installed
  • Improved Chain Guard and Disc Guard
  • Rear Axle Material Quality Improved
  • Redesigned, Extra Strong Sticker Set
  • Rims and Tires Improved
  • Rear Axle Spin Improved
  • Improved Body Design

Brand: Road Rat
Model: Racer XC
Seats: Bucket
Top Speed: 40 mph
Chassis: Steel 
Dimensions: 68″ long x 53″ wide with bodywork and bumpers
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brake system 
Engine: 6.5hp 4 Stroke 
Displacement: 196cc
Load capacity: 300lbs
Kart Weight: 209lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 59″ x 43″ x 20″
Wheels: 10.0 x 4.50-5 on all four
Other Info: Racing Steering Wheel, Foot Controls, 90% assembled
Distance from Seat to Steering Wheel: 37″
Wheelbase: 950mm
Colors: Black and Silver

Frame material – Mild steel  
Wall thickness – 2mm
Thickness of rear axle – 40mm

Chassis Tubing – 32mm diameter
Rear axle material – Steel
Type of hubs used – Aluminum hubs
Bearings – Roller bearings
Front spindles – 17mm

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Weight 94.80080533 lbs

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