Road Rat Racer 200CC XR (Hands Only) Go Kart

Road Rat Racer 200CC XR (Hands Only) Go Kart

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Over the years we have been manufacturing karts, we have spoken to several individuals that would love nothing more than to race karts, but do not have the ability to use their legs. Back in 2010, we decided that we wanted to do something to help these customers out! This model, is exactly the same as our original XR kart, except for the steering wheel. We have designed a steering wheel that has handles built in to control the throttle and the brake… eliminating the need to use feet to push on the pedals!

We have been manufacturing the XR model since 2004. Back in 2009, we completely redesigned this kart, along with all of our other models. Ever since the beginning, this is our most popular model, year after year. Thousands of of these karts have been sold and can be used on both paved and dirt tracks. This model is perfect for racing in the 6.5hp clone series that many tracks have started running over the last several years. The motor included on this kart is manufactured by Lifan, which is the same exact engine sold by Harbor Freight – the only difference is the paint color.

Brand: Road Rat
Model: XR (Hands Only)
Seat: XL Bucket
Top Speed: 40+ mph
Chassis: Steel
Dimensions: 70″ long x 48″ wide
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brake system
Engine: Lifan 6.5hp 4 Stroke
Displacement: 196cc
Load capacity: 300lbs
Shipping Weight: 250lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 59″ x 43″ x 20″
Wheels: 10″ front tires, 11″ rear tires

Frame material – Mild steel 
Wall thickness – 2mm
Thickness of rear axle – 40mm
Chassis Tubing – 32mm diameter
Rear axle material – Steel
Type of hubs- Aluminum
Bearings – Roller bearings
Front spindles – 17mm

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Weight 113.3980925 lbs

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