Roketa GK-19 KTB-250W Go Karts

Roketa GK-19 KTB-250W Go Karts

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Roketa GK-19 KTB-250W Go Karts-product description

In the world of Go Kart manufacturing, if there is one company which renowned and famous then it has to be Roketa. Roketa Go Karts are used by many racing enthusiast and thrill seekers over the globe. The company’s GK-19 KTB-250W model is the most popular product from its stable. The GK-19 has a water cooled CVT engine and it produces 250 cc of output. The kart’s engine is powerful enough to easily obtain the top speed of 43.5 miles per hour.


Why opt for the Roketa GK 19 KTB?

Go Karts are quiet popularly used by many thrill seekers. These mean machines are for the ardent petrol heads and you can ride these karts all throughout the year. The GK 19 KTB is Go Kart that can be used by anyone in the family. Hence automatically the Kart can become one of the best gifting options for this holiday season. The GK 19 KTB offers a premium appeal when it comes to off the road driving or riding.

With a Weight of 589.6 LBS, the GK 19 KTB can easily be used by anyone, even by the little ones in your house. Roketa GK 19 KTB is one of the best Go Karts in the market today. Safety has been given prominence in the GK 19 KTB, as the Go Kart is equipped with both hand and foot braking paddles.

The GK 19 KTB also has a double arm front suspension and a single arm rear suspension, in order to promote a smooth ride for the riders. The Go Kart also has Disc Brakes; both on the front and at the rear—in order to facilitate swift braking in any condition or speed. 

The GK 19 KTB has one forward speed gear and one reverse gear with an automatic clutch system to promote a smooth and a flawless ride. The Kart is also equipped with headlights and tails lights, in order to satisfy all safety norms. Thanks to these fitted lights, the Kart can also be used at places where light is low or during night time. 

The GK 19 KTB is also equipped with body features like safety harness, overhead roof, bumpers and protection bars. All of it promotes protection, as the bodywork has been designed in a way to create a safety cocoon for the riders.

The front and rear disc brakes on the kart can allow the rider to easily stop from any kind of speed. In fact, from its 43.5 Miles per hour top speed, the Kart can easily come to a complete halt within few seconds thanks to these brakes.


The main points of the GK 19 KTB Go Kart-

  • It is a very powerful Go Kart with a 250 cc output level
  • It has a maximum horsepower output of  14.3hp/6000r/min
  • And a Max torque output of 17.6 N.m /5500rpm
  • The top speed of the kart is 43.5mile/h
  • With so much power and superb braking capabilities, the GK 19 KTB is one of the fastest, best and safest Go Karts in the market
  • The GK 19 KTB also has a generous 1.9 Gallon fuel tank; hence mileage and range can never be an issue with the kart
  • The kart is capable to hold 330 lbs of weight, so adults and children, both, can use the kart


Product specification (from website):

  • Engine type : CVT
  • Engine brand :
  • Displacement : 250cc
  • Cooling : Water -cooled
  • Max horsepowe : 14.3hp/6000r/min
  • Max torque : 17.6 N.m /5500rpm
  • Bore*stroke : 2.83*2.36inches
  • Max speed : 43.5mile/h
  • Climbing ability : 22degree
  • Ignition : C.D.I
  • Starting system : Electric
  • Battery : 12V/7Ah
  • Carburetor brand : PD30J
  • Engine oil : SAE15W/40 SF
  • Gear oil : 85W/40
  • Clutch : Automatic
  • Transmission : 1-speed+reverse
  • Driveline : Chain-drive
  • Driving wheel : Rear wheel drive
  • Suspension,front/rear : Double a arm/single a-arm
  • Brakes,front/rear : Disc/disc
  • Brake operation : Hand +foot
  • Tires,front/rear : 19*7-8/22*11-10
  • Fuel capacity/type : 1.6gal
  • Weight,G.W./N.W : 712.8/ 589.6lbs
  • Max load : 330lbs


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Weight 267.438061352 lbs

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